Batman Vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Writer: Marly Halpern Graser

Producers: Ben Jones, Sam Register, Chris Viscardi, Benjamin Melniker, Michael Uslan

Director: Jake Castorena

Voice Director: Wes Gleason


March 31, 2019 (Wonder Con)

May 14, 2019 (Digital)

June 4, 2019 (DVD)

Synopsis : “Batman teams up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to stop the Shredder and Ra’s Al Ghul.”

So, let’s talk about Batman Vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, based on the 2015 comic book of the same name. The idea of a crossover between the two franchises is definitely unusual , mostly due to Warner Brothers and Nickelodeon having never really collaborated on anything before. Then again, life can throw great surprises at you, and this is definitely one of them. Let’s talk about the movie.

The plot involves the Ninja Turtles coming to Gotham City in order to find out who Shredder’s new ally is, and stop them. Batman is also on a mission, to find out why ninjas took this advanced generator that could potentially help the city. It turns out that Shredder is working with Ra’s Al Ghul. The Shredder wants to use the Lazarus Pit to make himself immortal while Ra’s Al Ghul wants to use Mutagen to turn all of Gotham, particularly the villains, into mutant hybrids , in order to rule it. Batman, Batgirl, and Robin must work with the Ninja Turtles to stop them.

First off, let me point out that this movie is dark. While not full on gorn, it definitely has quite a bit of PG-13 content that would not fly on regular Nickelodeon. The mutations and gore are pretty messed up, particularly Cobra Joker and Hyena Harley. It does not distract from the ultimate message of the movie on putting aside your own differences and ego to work together. Let’s explore this through the heroes and villains.

The Bat Family Dynamic With The Ninja Turtles: So, how is the dynamic between team Batman and the Ninja Turtles? It’s very well put together, particularly in how we see the different leadership styles they show.

Batman is shown to be very strict with Batgirl and Robin, particularly in not wanting the former to get too heavily involved so that she doesn’t get into too much danger given what happened at the lab, and doesn’t want the latter to get too fight happy . However, we also see how he is like their surrogate father, particularly with how its implied he’s worked with them for quite some time, and thus shows more wide range concern for them and others. In contrast, he has a much harder time working with the Turtles, particularly in that they’re shown to be very impulsive in trying to stop the bad guys. He does show the most respect for Leo since he’s able to go toe to toe against him the longest, particularly in trying to get through to Leo in order to get him to break free of Scarecrow’s fear gas. As for the Turtles themselves, there’s definitely a sense of brotherhood with them. Leo is the leader , the one who wants to maintain the group hierarchy, and is not cool with Raph being intent in going for a “kill first, ask questions later” approach . However, as a teenager, he’s shown to be just as gung ho at being impulsive when trying to stop them, but its at least a last resort. Besides Leo bonding with Batman, Batgirl and Robin play off of Donnie and Raph well. Batgirl and Donnie bond due to their level headedness and love of science, while Raph and Robin bond due to their hot headed, yet loyal nature. This helps pay off before the climax, where they try to convince Batman to bring the Ninja Turtles with them for the final mission.

The Villain Dynamic With Each Other: The main villains are Shredder and Ra’s Al Ghul. Of the Arkham villains (Joker, Harley, Two Face, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy , and Bane), the former two stand out the most. However, all 4 help get across the message. Shredder actually makes a great foil for Batman while Ra’s Al Ghul makes a great foil to Leo. When Shredder and Batman fight, they’re on roughly equal ground, until the former uses mystical techniques that incapacitate him. This helps show how they’re relatively normal people with advanced combat skills, but Shredder has more ego due to said advantage. It’s due to said ego that he has a hard time working with Ra’s Al Ghul and Penguin, particularly in expecting them to hold up their ends of the deal even when he doesn’t hold up his end . As for Ra’s Al Ghul, he makes a great foil to Leo in that they’re both disciplined warriors, but like Shredder, also has ego, and is very traditionalist in his methods. Joker and Harley , on the other hand , give much better results. While there’s some tension (he initially calls her a nurse instead of a doctor), they’re far more in sync with each other. Notably, they nearly win against Batman when injecting him with Jokerised Mutagen that turns him into a giant bat creature. Yikes!

The Final Thirty Minutes: So, the final 30 minutes of the movie definitely stand out quite a bit. After Batman tells the Ninja Turtles to go home, Batgirl and Robin try to convince him otherwise, and Raph gives a speech on how the “brooding loner” type doesn’t always work out. They then whip up some antidote and take off on their cars, motorcycles, and turtle vans in order to spread it to the other villains. During the fight at Ace Chemicals, Batman nearly gets beaten again by Shredder, but uses some Turtle power (saying Cowabunga as a distraction) to take him down. Leo actually kicks Ra’s Al Ghul in the groin and used his own ancient techniques to take him down. Unlike the villains, they’re far more willing to think outside the box and use unorthodox methods. The movie then ends with the Bat Family eating pizza with the Ninja Turtles.

This movie has everything to ask for in a crossover: intense action, plenty of high stakes , a sense of fun, and great characters . I definitely recommend checking this out, and with the stinger, I look forward to more.

Here is the cast for the movie.

Troy Baker as Bruce Wayne / Batman, Joker

Eric Bauza as Leonardo

Darren Criss as Raphael

Kyle Mooney as Michelangelo

Baron Vaughn as Donatello

Rachel Bloom as Barbara Gordon / Batgirl

Ben Giroux as Damian Wayne / Robin

Andrew Kishino as Oroku Saki / Shredder, Foot Clan Ninja

Cas Anvar as Ra’s al Ghul

Tom Kenny as Oswald Cobblepot / Penguin, League Of Assassin Ninja

John DiMaggio as Victor Fries / Mr. Freeze, Penguin Goon, News Reporter

Tara Strong as Harley Quinn, Pamela Isley / Poison Ivy, Automated Voice, Pizza Girl, Woman Breaking Up With Her Girlfriend

Carlos Alazraqui as Bane, Security Guard

Keith Ferguson as Baxter Stockman, Harvey Dent / Two-Face, Scientist

Jim Meskimen as Commissioner James Gordon, Jonathan Crane / Scarecrow

Brian George as Alfred Pennyworth


What The Future Of The Loud House Could Be Like

Hey everyone. This is SofiaBlythe2014. So, the announcement of season 5 of The Loud House and some of the upcoming casting for its spinoff, The Casagrandes, has been met with a lot of praise, but also some criticism. The article mentions how the characters will grow up a bit in season 5, and go through trials and tribulations. There’s also the new bits of information we’ve gotten on The Casagrandes , particularly with things like Ronnie Anne and Bobby’s father. I mentioned in my Some Thoughts On My Mind article from last week that I am open to the idea of season 5 even if ending with season 4 is a better idea. With what’s been described about season 5, I am more onboard with the idea. Some might think the show is selling out at this point, or feel like it’s not the same show anymore, but I disagree. With some time to think about this, here are a few reasons why I think the future of The Loud House , and by extension The Casagrandes, still looks pretty bright. If you still feel like not watching the show anymore, or feel like it’s not as good as it used to be, then that’s fine. You can feel how you feel. If you feel the show does legitimately screw up in certain areas, feel free to talk about it. With that out of the way, let’s begin.

1. The Loud House Is Like Arthur

Although The Loud House has a different target audience and premise than Arthur, they do have some things in common. One major similarity they both have is that they star an Every Man character who, while good in their own right, have much simpler personalities since they’re meant to bounce off of characters with stronger/more eccentric personalities. For example, both Arthur and Lincoln like superheroes and comics, and it’s a major part of their characters, but it’s more pronounced with Buster and Clyde respectively, who have more enhanced personalities. They’re still good characters in their own right. Its just they’re specifically designed to play off of other characters more right from the beginning since both shows are ensemble casts, but it doesn’t deny that they’re fun characters to watch. Why do I bring this up? It’s because of this complaint I heard where it seems Lincoln is being downplayed and less developed in favor of fleshing out the family and supporting cast. I personally disagree. Lincoln is still undoubtedly the main character like Arthur, but they’re purposefully more simple since they’re at their best when they play off of others. Having a simple personality does not meaning having a poorly written personality. It just means you’re looking at someone who’s relatively well put together with some flaws, but those aspects are simply more pronounced in others.

2. The Original Premise Is Still There, But It Evolved

One complaint I’ve heard is about the show essentially abandoning its premise to be more of a typical, slice of life show without anything that makes it distinct. While there’s some validity with this complaint, I disagree. While the show is putting less focus on the premise of one boy living with ten girls, its themes on relationships , being there for each other, and working together, are still major components to this day. One example I can think of is the episode “Driving Ambition”. Lori wants to get a varsity golf scholarship at a prestigious university, and asks her siblings to help her out. This is an episode that utilizes most of the family well while still keeping Lori as the focus due to how they’re helping her out. It still keeps true to what the show is while still branching out, much like how season 5 is described to be. “Cooked” is another good episode that follows this, showing the hardships in running a business with family , but ultimately saying how good it is when you know how to set your limits. So yeah, there’s change, but it’s still recognizable.

3. Continuity And Tone

This is actually the major reason why I decided to do this article in the first place. It all comes down to a video that ::iconpowerloud-girl:: put out back during Christmas. Happy birthday by the way. She referenced some moments of the show becoming more serious due to interviews with the show staff, possibly becoming something like Avatar.

This idea has a mixed reception, with those for it and those against it due to fear of selling out. Here’s the thing though . The Loud House is not Avatar. It’s not an epic tale of war and tragedy with every episode building off each other. It’s a simple, goofy , slice of life show focusing on themes of relationships and working together . Both are good in their own ways, with the former not holding back punches on the realities of war and the latter for making a slice of life feel fantastical yet still reasonably grounded and subversive . The half hour specials manage to show a new side to the series yet still feel like part of the show.

As for continuity, it’s half and half. Some episodes build off of previous episodes, such as “Cooked” building off of “Fridge Too Far” , while others are more self contained and occasionally contradictory. For example, “Job Insecurity” mentions Lynn Loud Sr. being a great IT, yet he’s clueless about technology in “Anti Social”. It does not change the fact that they’re still good episodes.

In regards to tone, one reason why “Room With The Feud” is generally better received than “Brawl In The Family” is because the latter made the characters too stupid or too mean spirited, focusing more on them tearing each other apart, and even with loose continuity, The Sister Fight Protocol is still contrived. The former is more balanced since it focuses on trying to keep them together, greatly downplaying the antagonism. Plus, everyone learns their lesson.

Continuity would only really matter if it directly builds off a previous episode. If it’s for a relatively self contained episode that at least keeps true to the characters, then continuity is less of a priority.

I suppose I should end this section with 2 questions. What drew you to the show? What still draws you to the show?

4. How The Casagrandes Can Be Different From The Main Series: Part 2

I wrote a whole article about how The Casagrandes can stand out from The Loud House , particularly with the new family dynamics, cultural aspect, and differences between city life and rural life. Here are two more ways it could stand out. One is with the intrigue surrounding Ronnie Anne’s father. He’s a physician living and working in Peru . That right there opens up an interesting idea on dealing with family integration. The other is with how Lincoln and Ronnie Anne act as leading protagonists, due to some people thinking she’s not distinct enough as a leading protagonist compared to him. Lincoln is, in his own words, “the man with the plan”, hence why he tends to act cool and laid back, very rarely panicking, though he is prone to being sensitive when pushed enough. While Ronnie Anne has mellowed out into a nicer person, she’s still stubborn, snarky, tomboyish, and not afraid to express her feelings. The whole series can be about her being more willing to open to others.

And that’s all I have. Thanks for reading. Have a good day.

INTERVIEW: Mike Rubiner on producing Nick’s “The Loud House”

How Los Casagrandes Could Succeed

Some Thoughts On My Mind (5-4-2019)

Chris Reccardi Dead At 54

Kyle Carroza, the creator of Mighty Magiswords, mentioned that Chris Reccardi is dead . He was 54. Although no news outlets have reported on this yet, I do trust his word given that he’s worked with people who worked with Chris (notably, Bob Camp and Richard Pursel, who worked with Chris in Ren And Stimpy, and would work with Kyle on Magiswords). Plus, he wants to pay respect to his family, and I remember how June Foray’s death was similarly revealed, first reported by Porky’s voice actor Bob Bergen. Chris’ many works include Ren And Stimpy, Cow And Chicken, Dexter’s Laboratory, SpongeBob Samurai Jack, The Modifyers, The Mighty B, Kick Buttowski, Billy Dilley, and more. He’s also worked on a few theatrical movies like Storks, Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, The Lego Movie, Shrek Forever After, and more. He will be missed.

Justice League Vs The Fatal Five Review

Writers: Eric Carrasco, Jim Krieg, Alan Burnett

Producers: Alan Burnett, Jim Krieg, Sam Liu, Benjamin Melniker, Michael Uslan, Sam Register, Bruce Timm, Amy McKenna

 Director: Sam Liu

 Voice Director: Wes Gleason


 March 29, 2019 (Wonder Con)

 March 30, 2019 (Digital)

 April 16, 2019 (DVD)

 Synopsis: “The Justice League takes on the Fatal Five.”

 So, what can be said about the 2001 Justice League cartoon, and its successor, Justice League Unlimited? It’s often thought of as the definitive take on the team. Now, 13 years after it ended, we get this movie, Justice League Vs The Fatal Five, which is definitely very ambitious. Let’s talk about it. The movie involves the Fatal Five going after a Green Lantern named Jessica Cruz due to her being to free the Emerald Empress, who wants to use the Emerald Eye Of Ekron to get rid of all superheroes on Earth. The movie also involves Star Boy, who’s from the Legion Of Superheroes in the 31st century, accidentally being sent back to our timeline when trying to stop them, and he has no memory of who he is, and is going crazy. They must work with the Justice League and Miss Martian to stop the Fatal Five. The movie has two major themes to it: overcoming personal trauma, and overcoming personal ego. Let’s go over the major characters that exemplify these themes well.

 Thomas Kallor/Starboy: Let’s start with Thomas Kallor, also known as Star Boy. He’s definitely a very sympathetic character. He’s very impulsive, not great with social cues, and somewhat stubborn, to the point of staying in Arkham Asylum for at least 10 months. However, it’s not without reason. He has schizophrenia, a chronic and severe mental disorder that affects how a person thinks, feels, and behaves. People with schizophrenia may seem like they have lost touch with reality. The medicine he normally uses to curb this mental illness is not available in the present day timeline, so you can’t help but want for him to be able to just get out of this current situation.

 Jessica Cruz/Green Lantern: Now let’s talk about Jessica. She once went on a camping trip with two friends, but they ended up coming across some thugs burying a dead body. The thugs shoot her friends dead, and almost get her. She was almost killed, and has been suffering from trauma for at least 3 years, to the point of being afraid to leave her house, and ditching potentially dangerous missions. You just want to give her a hug after this. Despite all of this, and some rudeness, she still has the desire to be a hero. She connects with Thomas due to them both being outsiders, and how they feel they can’t be heroes for others due to their own personal issues. It also helps she’s at least smart enough to know how to act around villains in captivity.

 Miss Martian and Batman: Now we talk about Miss Martian and Batman, in a lighter arc for the movie. The first scene to show their dynamic is when Bloodsport holds a news crew hostage. Miss Martian disguised herself as a reporter and tries confronting him directly, which doesn’t work, and she almost gets them killed, which Batman isn’t happy with. Yeah, he’s essentially the cynical mentor to her impulsive student, but it works. He’s very protective of her, while she’s essentially the well adjusted teen who has to control her impulses. This is shown later in the movie, where she takes more of the initiative to go into Thomas’ mind, and has more priority to make sure no one gets hurt during the end of the second act.

 Emerald Empress and Mano: Most of the Fatal Five are essentially just glorified thugs, but they do have plenty of moments that show off how dangerous they are. The Emerald Empress and Mano stand out in that regard. They’re actually in a relationship with each other given his determination to free her from her prison, and despite some controlling moments, they do genuinely care for each other. He’s the guy who can disintegrate anything that he wants while she’s the one who’s much more upfront yet overconfident in her ambitions. Her plan to extinguish the sun is really insane, but the sync they all have with each other mixed with genuine care makes them really fun to watch.  

Now I should talk about the tone of the movie. While the show is rated TV-Y7, this movie is rated PG-13, which means blood, swearing, and sexual innuendos. It works here not only because it’s spread out, but also because they take the time to show the full consequences of how the cruel world and mental trauma can affect three teenagers, who are not of full maturity.

Now I talk about the ending, which is where things become bittersweet. Thomas sacrifices himself to close up the sun so that it won’t explode, effectively killing himself. What makes this work is that, much like schizophrenia, which can be treated but not cured, Thomas at least managed to die saving others. As for Jessica, she managed to save the League from Emerald Empress’ trap, and manages to help give Thomas the morale to do what he has to even if she doesn’t want him to die. He’s then honored while it’s implied she has company in the form of the other Legion Of Superheroes. Miss Martian is also a Justice League member.

This movie has pretty much everything you can ask for: characters with depth and sympathy, villains that are very dangerous, a lot of slick action, and some very mature themes. This is definitely a good movie.


 Here is the cast for the movie.

 Elyes Gabel as Thomas Kallor / Starboy

 Diane Guerrero as Jessica Cruz/Green Lantern/Limelight

 Kevin Conroy as Batman

Susan Eisenberg as Wonder Woman

 George Newbern as Superman

 Daniela Bobadilla as Miss Martian

 Kevin Michael Richardson as Mister Terrific, Kilowog, Driver, Store Owner

 Noel Fisher as Brainiac 5

 Peter Jessop as Tharok

 Tom Kenny as Bloodsport, Jessica Cruz’s ring, Salaak, News Reporter

 Matthew Yang King as The Persuader, Arkham Director

 Sumalee Montano as Emerald Empress, Pharmacist, Jessica’s friend, Legion Announcer 

 Philip Anthony Rodriguez as Mano

 Tara Strong as Saturn Girl, Harley, Ivy, Jessica’s Therapist, Weather Girl

 Bruce Timm as Two Face, Validus

Victor And Valentino Bomb

Hey everyone. This is SofiaBlythe2014. Let’s talk about Victor And Valentino, as shown with the description.

“In the small quiet town of Monte Macabre, two total opposite half-brothers , Victor and Valentino, search about the town for adventure and find strange and supernatural happenings with the help of their supernatural grandmother.”

The show is created by Diego Molano, a Mexican-American animator. Let’s look at the 4 episodes that aired last month.

  1. Folk Art Foes


    Writers: Diego Molano, Haley Mancini, Corey Barnes, Leticia Abreu, Ryan Kramer



    March 4, 2019 (app )


    March 30, 2019 (tv)


    Synopsis : “The boys accidentally release HueHue.”


    Our first episode is one that’s simple, yet charming. This episode starts with Valentino asking Victor to get him some flour for their pinatas when they go into grandma’s room of alejebries. She tells them not to break them, or spirits will come out. Victor plays with one anyway and releases HueHue, a spirit fox that likes playing pranks. Victor likes this at first, until his pranks go too far. Now they must stop them. There’s actually a nice double moral on following the rules, and how great tradition can be. The dynamic that Victor and Valentino have is tried and true. Yes, Victor did cause much of the trouble here, but there’s no malice on his part. It’s just him being sneaky and hyperactive. Plus, upon seeing how hurt others can be from the pranks, he shows immediate regret. I also do like how Valentino is proactive in trying to stop things from getting worse rather than just complaining. The traditional aspect comes from how Valentino’s arts and crafts skills with pinatas helps save the day. As for HueHue, I love this guy. He’s very snarky and mischievous, essentially a fox version of the Joker, and that makes him hilarious on top of being threatening. Anyway, they manage to trap him in the alejebrie by tricking him the third time. This is fun and charming. What more can be said?


    Moral: Follow the rules. Tradition can be a great asset.


  2. Dead Ringer


    Writers: Isaac Gonzalez, Diego Molano, Mark Galez, Jon Feria




    March 15, 2019 (app)


    March 30, 2019 (tv)


    Synopsis: “Vic picks another player over Val during a soccer match.”


    It’s time to get physical with some soccer. This episode has Victor not choosing Valentino to be on his soccer team, which crushes him . He decides to assemble his own team, and uses Charlene’s obsidian mirror that she got from her grandfather as a power boost. However , he gets possessed by the spirit of the soccer player Juan, who’s very cocky and arrogant. The moral is pretty simple in how you shouldn’t let competition get the better of you. It’s explored well through our protagonists. Victor was rather snide against Valentino for not picking him to be on the team, but it’s also made clear that it’s just childish rib poking, and not anything malicious. As for Valentino, we do see he has standards since he does initially try to play fair in practice, only to use the mirror when pushed further. Plus, he only gives childish insults while anything malicious is because of Juan. I also like Charlene’s role here. While she does have the artifact that kicks off the conflict, she’s never forceful in trying to let Valentino using it, showing her standards. Plus, she has a creepy cute personality. Juan’s more egotistical and macho persona also makes him entertaining. Anyway, this episode ends with our titular characters tricking Juan into going into a soccer ball, and kicking him back into the mirror. They then apologize, and have a more friendly competition, ending things on a good note.



  3. Brotherly Love


    Writers: Isaac Gonzalez, Carmen Liang, Kayla Carlisle


    Date: March 30, 2019


    Synopsis : “Vic and Val get into another one of their brotherly spats and break Grandma Chata’s plant. ”


    Who knew plants could be so much fun ? Well this show managed to do so. This episode has Victor and Valentino accidentally breaking grandma’s plant, and they can’t go to Luchafest until they get a new one from Don Jalapeno. However, through the insistence of his daughter Xochi, they get a new plant, but they get a forbidden two headed plant that turns into a giant monster that attacks the town even though they weren’t supposed to. The monster can only be defeated through apologies. This episode offers a nice moral on how it’s not good to fight with others, and how it’s better to be more open about showing your caring feelings. Victor and Valentino are essentially like yin and yang here. The former has a big ego given how he shifts blame to the latter. The latter is shown to be a bit of a control freak in how firm he is in telling him not to do anything bad. They are acting immature, but it’s also made clear that it’s all out of personal defense. Anyway, when Valentino ends up being swallowed by the plant, Victor then breaks down and says how he never wants to do anything without his brother, freeing him. They do get grounded in the end for causing this mess, and do bicker a bit, but it’s still lighter than before, making this a nice, bittersweet ending.


    Moral: Fighting gets you nowhere. Don’t be afraid to show you care.


  4. Chata’s Quinta Quinceañera

Writers: Isaac Gonzalez & Chris Allison

Date: March 30, 2019

Synopsis : “Vic and Val prepare for Grandma Chata’s Quinta Quinceañera when they remember that teenager Andres has a pool party at the same time.”


We save the best for last, and fittingly enough , its about a party. This episode involves Grandma’s quince-quata (a quincenara she holds every 15 years ). However, its happening at the same time as a pool party they want to go to. They then use Sal’s magic conch to be in two places at once before he goes to a Juan Lindo concert. The message of the episode highlights the importance of family over status. I should first talk about Grandma Chata. It is definitely odd that she’s having a party usually meant for 15 year old girls, but it works. She wants to have the spirit of the quinceanara alive every 15 years, which involves spending time with family, especially when said family is mocked by Maria Teresa for them supposedly not sticking out for her. You can definitely feel for her when things go wrong at the end. As for Victor and Valentino, they are still in top form. While Victor is more concerned about status, he does at least take initiative and doesn’t hesitate when Valentino is insistent on them trying to be there on time. I also like how the latter is more forthright in his initiative to keep her happy. Anyway, when the party goes to bust, they use the conch to get the singer Juan Lindo to perform at the party, and everyone comes back. It’s a really sweet ending.


The show definitely has potential to be amazing. Lets see where it goes from here.

Here is the cast for the episodes.

Diego Molano as Victor , Reynaldo , Pineapple

Sean Ryan Patterson as Valentino

Laura Patalano as Grandma Chata

Jason Hightower as Don Jalapeno

Tom Kenny as Guillermo

Christian Lanz as HueHue

Montse Hernandez as Quincenara Girl

Max Mittleman as Fernando, Brother

Cristina Milizia as Charlene

Spencer Rothbell as Miguelito

Debi Derryberry as Cacao

Ariana Villavicencio as Rosita

Erica Luttrell as Guillermo’s mom

Frankie Quinonez as Maria Teresa

Cristina Valenzuela/Cristina Vee as Xochi Jalapeno

Dee Bradley Baker as Monster Plant

Jorge Gutierrez as Sal

Xolo Maladruena as Andres

Paco Galvez as Juan Lindo

Additional Voices: Dee Bradley Baker, Paco Galvez, Montse Hernandez, Jason Hightower, Tom Kenny, Erica Luttrell, Cristina Milizia, Max Mittleman, Diego Molano, Laura Patalano, Sean Ryan Patterson, Cristina Valenzuela/Cristina Vee , Ariana Villavicenco

Sparkle’s Seven

Writers: Nicole Dubuc, Josh Haber, Tara Strong, Ashleigh Ball, Andrea Libman, Tabitha St. Germain, Cathy Weseluck 
Date: April 20, 2019

Synopsis : “Twilight and Shining Armor engage in a sibling rivalry .”

So, here we have the 200th episode of My Little Pony. That’s definitely a huge milestone to reach, and what better way to celebrate then a love letter from our story editors and lead voice cast. Let’s look at “Sparkle’s Seven”. This episode focuses on a rivalry that Twilight and Shining Armor have had since they were young. They compete over The Crown Of The Sibling Supreme , a crown that either of them wins when they get the most gold stars over 1 week. Shining Armor is made head of security with the crown, and Twilight is asked to test out Celestia and Luna’s security system by retrieving the crown from the throne room. She then decides to ask her friends for help, but things don’t turn our as planned. This episode is insanely weird. We get things like detective Rarity, country music star Applejack, Pinkie Pie in space, Rainbow reluctantly flirting with Zephyr Breeze , and Fluttershy and Spike as spies. What?! That makes the episode insanely fun, mainly since it knows how weird it all is. What I actually really like is its moral on family dynamic , and how everyone is considered family, even when not blood related. I should spoil how the episode ends. The entire scheme was all a big plan thought up by Spike and Luna. Spike has always wanted to be seen as part of the family, but has never taken part in the competition. Luna felt that the security system wouldn’t work, and wanted to prove she’s right. It works well given that Spike has always longed to be accepted by others while Luna likes to show she can be just as in tune with her citizens. As for the sibling rivalry, it works. Shining Armor is known for his playful attitude and Twilight is a perfectionist, but it’s all in good fun. In the end, they give him the crown, which is really sweet.

Supergirl Says Rainbow Dash’s Line

In the Lauren Faust incarnation of DC Superhero Girls, the episode “Adventures In Bunny Sitting” had Supergirl say “Time to take out the adorable trash” when trying to round up the bunnies. The My Little Pony episode “Swarm Of The Century” had Rainbow Dash say that same line to the Parasprites . The fact they they’re both rough and tumble tomboys associated with the color blue, and both episodes are written by MA Larson , is definitely intentional. It’s also hilarious.

DC Superhero Girls : Sweet Justice

Writers: Lauren Faust & MA Larson

Directors: Noelle Raffaele & John Sanford

Voice Director: Sam Riegel

Date: March 8, 2019

Synopsis : “A group of six girls become heroes together.”

Ah, DC Superhero Girls. How you’ve changed over the years. We’ve had shorts, specials, and DVD movies. Now we get a full fledged tv show, and with Lauren Faust at the helm. Let’s look at the pilot movie, “#SweetJustice” . We start on the first day of school at Metropolis High, with Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) and her father having moved from Gotham to Metropolis. A food fight sends her, Jessica Cruz (Green Lantern), Kara Danvers (Supergirl), Zee Zatarra (Zatanna), Karen Beecher (Bumblebee), and Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) into detention. Though things get off to a rough start, they do decide to become friends, and vow to become great superheroes and get to know each other more. However, their attempts to be heroes and hang out don’t turn out as planned, particularly when they cause quite a bit of collateral damage at the Sweet Justice ice cream shop. This movie helps lay the groundwork for how six teenage girls become heroes all while giving a powerful message on how good it is to be a hero despite the challenges. Let’s go over the characters.

Barbara Gordon: Well, here’s an interesting start. Barbara Gordon is shown to really want to be a hero. She’s very altruistic, good with technology, and pretty smart, given that she contributed greatly to the food fight, but it was to see if the girls truly had powers. She sees the potential they have, wants them to use it better, especially with Wonder Woman being very willing to be a hero. Her major flaw is impulse, given how she approaches things with a fast and free persona, especially with her not having any obvious physical/super prowess .

Diana Prince: Diana also helps sell this movie. She’s shown to be an exceptionally skilled and disciplined warrior , with great intelligence and a huge desire to protect innocent people in the world of man. Her main flaws are lack of understanding of human culture, and a somewhat rebellious nature. She took part in a competition at home she wasn’t supposed to, and went off to Earth so she could realize her potential as a hero, and is brought back home. She’s also rather gung ho about fighting, but at least never actually tries to intentionally hurt anyone.

Kara Danvers: Kara is quite interesting here. She’s shown to be rather tough and aloof, with a love of fighting, being pretty much edgy , yet you can still feel for her. During the initial fight with Diana, she accidentally sends her into the wall, apologizing in the process since she never wanted to hurt her. Of course, they fight harder afterwards, but it helps show that she wants to show restraint so as to not hurt anyone.

Zee Zatarra: Now we look at Zee. She’s shown to be fairly street smart and very in tune to culture and what others feel like. Her major flaw is that she’s not willing to be a hero, preferring to mind her own business more. To her credit, she is at least active when she sets her mind to it.

Karen Beecher: Now, let’s talk about Karen. Like Barbara, she’s good with technology, and is generally nice. However, she’s very reserved and shy. While she doesn’t mind being a hero, she doesn’t want any baggage associated with it, like unintentionally putting other peoples’ lives at risk. She may be a pushover, but her heart is what helps make her pretty likable.

Jessica Cruz: Jessica is pretty interesting here. She’s shown to be pretty open hearted and well adjusted to life, given that she often tries to make sure the girls don’t cause a lot of damage, showing that she’s a pacifist. She uses her Green Lantern powers for defensive powers given that she focuses more on minimizing damage rather than giving hits. This makes her an interesting foil.

Lena Luthor and Lex Luthor: Now we talk about the Luthors. At first, it seems like Lex sent out war robots to attack the town. While he did make them, it’s his kid sister Lena that sent them out. She attacked places that teenagers normally hang out in, and gave many people VR glasses so that they can live out their fantasies, and kids can rule the town. That is pretty messed up, but her hammy performance and fairly sympathetic motive make her fun to wacth. Lex is still a bit slimy, but his cool headed nature and somewhat immature nature makes him pretty fun in his own right.


Now let’s talk about the ending of the movie. Just as Diana is about to be sent home by her mother, the girls come in to help her and prove she’s her own woman. They then go full on electric guitar in order to shut down the robots. They’re then seen as heroes, Lena is brought back, and the girls decide to stay as heroes and friends.

Now I call this a good movie, It has a lot of likable and charming characters, very funny humor, slick action, plenty of heartwarming moments, and a strong message. You’re off to a good start.


Here is the cast.

Grey DeLisle Griffin as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman

Tara Strong as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl , Harleen Quinzel

Nicole Sullivan as Kara Danvers/Supergirl

Kimberly Brooks as Karen Beecher/Bumblebee , Eliza Danvers, Alexandra

Myrna Vellasco as Jessica Cruz/Green Lantern

Kari Wahlgren as Zee Zatarra /Zatanna , Lillian Luthor , News Anchor

Cassandra Lee Morris as Lena Luthor

Will Friedle as Lex Luthor , Aiden, Truant Officer

Cree Summer as Hippolyta

Fred Tatasciore as James Gordon , Mr. Chapin

Phil LaMarr as Mr. Zatala , Barry Allen

Keith Ferguson as Jeremiah Danvers, Demo Bot Foreman

Jason Spisak as Hal Jordan